Welcome to L.O.V.E. Productions!

Warm welcome!


We feel happy and grateful that today we make L.O.V.E. Productions public by presenting it through the website! Through this ‘L.O.V.E. space’, we are able to share our ideas and projects with you.


Love is the core value of our projects and our lives. We realize it not only through projects, but also through our daily lives. Instead of focusing on ‘healing’ ourselves, we choose to ‘realize’ ourselves. Which means, letting go of the past, being who we really are, being well, realizing and developing our full potential starting now.


Please do check out our films! There will be many more in the future about different areas coming from the base of L.O.V.E.! We deeply wish our films will inspire you to create a more sustainable, just and compassionate world for all life on planet earth and all life yet to come!


May all of us live from the heart, live a happy, free and peaceful life!


Warm hugs,

L.O.V.E. Team




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