About us

We are a group of friends who care about the current state of the earth, its future, and all beings living thereon, including our own species- humans. We can see how we relate to each other and the environment, and we see the need for a shift in our collective consciousness (starting with the individual) more than ever before.


For helping people to make this shift we produce and publish consciousness raising films which are giving practical solutions and answers for the questions of our time. Our films cover the fields of sustainable, self-sufficient, healthy and compassionate living. We are aiming to make our products an expression of unconditional love and the unity between the entire creation.

The air you are breathing is the air we are breathing. We all are co-responsible for our life and all life. May our products enrich you and contribute to a happy and fullfilling life for you and your beloved ones.


We are all one.


L.O.V.E- Living Oneness, Vast Evolution.

Stefan He grew up in Austria and traveled around half of the globe. He was staying and living in various intentional communities world-wide. He is the founder of L.O.V.E. Productions, as well as the producer of the filmA New We. Since 2009 he has been practicing a vegan lifestyle, which is an expression of his practice of a peaceful way of life, which shall be a benefit for ALL.


He is commited to develop himself and L.O.V.E. Productions to become the best he/it can be in order to contribute as powerful as possible to a free, just and sustainable society which cares for every single being on this earth.


The time of elitism, racism and speciesism is coming to an end and the fact that L.O.V.E. Productions is being successful shows that people are waking up.


Stefan is grateful to be a part of this loving (R)Evolution!


Vana In the year of 2008 she left a busy chaotic society and traveled from her home country Taiwan, to other places of the world, where magic happened- She was led to walk on the spiritual path reaching for truth and love.


She lives a simple and peaceful lifestyle, the biggest inspiration of her life came from The Ringing Cedars Series books. She contributes her talents and energy to L.O.V.E. Productions, which is the best work she has ever had! She says that it creates so much joy when our projects lift up the world to a better place to live!


She is grateful that she does things she loves, while contributing to the whole. What she wishes for everyone else and every being in the world is to be free to do what they like to do, develop their greatest potentials and create a happy, peaceful, compassionate and fulfilling life.


May all our positive bright dreams come true!




plus: Peter, Andi, Mare etc.