The album "Ode to Nature"

Andrey & Tatyana Shadrovi are two Russian Bards who are changing the world through their songs!

Finally you can get the full album with a Digital Booklet of two of the best bards of Russia!

The Album comes as a Digital Download with a Booklet containing all original Russian lyrics, as well as the English translations. 

  • 15 Unique Songs by Andrey & Tatyana Shadrovi
  • Songs with beautiful melodies and uplifting lyrics
  • incl. Digital Booklet
  • Russian Lyrics and English Translation
  • with Guitar-Chords
  • Green Product (100% Digital Download)
  • For more information click here.

Andrey Shadrov & Tatyana Shadrova are Russian Bards of the New Age and New World!

Their beautiful melodic songs with deep meaningful lyrics create a bright present and future for all life on Earth! 

Please enjoy the first song of the album on Youtube!

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