Map of Kin Domains in Europe

The map below displays families or individuals, who have land and are creating their Space of Love, inspired by the Ringing Cedars Series. First click on a mark and an information field will open. Note that the locations displayed are just approximate positions. Also note that in Bulgaria there are 4 listings so far, you have to zoom into the marks in Bulgaria to see 2 more Kin Domains.

Do you already have a land or live on your Space of Love? We look forward to having you on board! :)

This project was realised thanks to the help of our talented friend Daniel Troger. We are grateful for his contribution! ♡

"First choose a place you like out of all the possible favourable places on Earth, a place where you would like to live, and where you would be a great memory for your great grandchildren. The climate in that place should be favourable for you. Take for the ages one hectare of land in that place for yourself!" - Anastasia


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