The Anastasía Books - A Gift of Love to Humanity!

"I exist for those for whom I exist!" - Anastasia
"I exist for those for whom I exist!" - Anastasia

Anastasía - This name has become a synonym for a creative movement whose goal is nothing less than bringing mankind back into it's divine perfection and turning the Earth into a Paradise! The core motivation for the movement is a 10-part book series by russian author Wladimir Megre. "Everyone needs a home, a piece of land where he can grow roots and develop his full power and beauty!", Is one of the central messages. The books deal with all the essential topics of life, and for many readers, through reading them, an unprecedented understanding of the human existence and it's destiny in the universe arises!

Below you find a free Download of the first book of the probably most inspiring and influental book-series ever written in modern history! You can download the first 9 books here.

Book 1 Anastasia.pdf
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Ode to Nature • Andrey & Tatyana Shadrovi

Andrey Shadrov & Tatyana Shadrova are Russian Bards of the New Age and New World! Their beautiful melodic songs with deep meaningful lyrics create a bright present and future for all life on Earth! click here for more details


Rita´s family homestead in Russia

In August 2015, Stefan interviewed Rita, who lives, together with her husband, in Russia on their family homestead. Rita revealed profound insights and experiences she gained over the last years, living on her land. This Interview is a must watch for all people who read the Anastasia books (Ringing Cedars of Russia Series) or who are interested in creating their own family homestead and live happily.

 The Ringing Cedars - Anastasia's Vegan Spirit

"There is a direct connection between love and Man's first consumption of meat. A Man living in love is incapable of killing."


Watch A Life Connected online


By, in cooperation with L.O.V.E. Productions.

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A 12-minute uplifting, positive video about the power of making food choices.

People everywhere are making choices more connected with their values. We are simplifying our lives, buying less and living more because we know that the Earth provides enough to satisfy everyone's need, but not everyone's greed.

But there is one connected choice that sometimes gets overlooked. It's one of the most far-reaching personal, practical and ethical choices you can make. With this choice we can help...

-feed ourselves and every hungry person on the planet.
-end deforestation
-replenish the deep woods of the North and save our disappearing rainforests.
-revitalize our rural landscapes and save family farms.
-stop the number one polluter of water and the number one waster of water.
-return our oceans to thriving underwater worlds teeming with life and wonder.
-make cancer and heart disease a rarity instead of a common occurrence.
-stop the unnecessary suffering of billions and billions of animals.
-and return wild lands to their rightful owners.

This powerful choice can be done by everyone every day... by you... right now.



Every day you are invited to make choices. Live your values. Change the world.

It's that simple.

 Peace prayer of Tamera in A New We

November 9, 2009: Meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels

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 Sorry Dear Animals music video

What's the difference between the animals we love and the animals we eat? One might have a name, the other doesn't. One is tagged "pretty" by pet stores, the other is labeled "tasty" by meat markets...

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 Meditation Song for Mother Earth

We appreciate to be here on the earth.
We breathe, we see, we smell and we hear.
We appreciate how beautiful the earth is, how beautiful it is that we are here...

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