Is Covid-19 the Biggest Pseudo Pandemic in Human History?

If one understands that the gene sequence of SARS-Covid-2 is only a construct of the mind and that the assumed virus was never isolated in pure culture according to Koch's postulates ... (1), (2), (11)


And if one understands that the PCR test only reacts to the body's own cell components (e.g. exosomes), and very probably also to components from (flu) vaccinations and that the test-results are basically useless and have no meaningfulness... (2), (3), (4)


And if one further understands that Covid-19 is actually a new name for atypical pneumonia, which is known to make up 20 to 30 percent of all pneumonia, but more and more people with other diseases are now being recorded as Covid-19... (1)


Then one will be bewildered to see many other diseases being included along with the original disease, "atypical pneumonia", and this "syndrome" is labeled as "the novel virus disease".


In order to understand what is currently happening, it helps to know that the only and central difference between the allegedly new disease "Covid-19" and other similar diseases is the "positive" coronavirus test.


Wherever more testing is done, more people are logically being labeled as "positive", especially if the "cut-off level" of the coronavirus test was set more sensitively in the respective laboratories.


With this information, it becomes clear that the so-called corona crisis or the reaction to the coronavirus is not only the greatest scientific failure in many generations, but that it is questionable whether one can now accurately include the fields of virology, epidemiology, and large parts of medicine, under the rubric of science. 


And what do people die of when there is no coronavirus?


There are various causes of course. In the past people spoke of atypical pneumonia, cancer, diabetes, COPD, heart disease, organ failure, wrong medication, car accidents, etc., today it is said, whatever the cause, if there is a positive corona test, that the person "died of corona".


What underlies the increased death rates for 65+ year-olds in many countries?


Researchers understand that the increased fear and stress of forced isolation, and the associated loneliness, as well as interruptions in regular medical treatments due to Covid-19, and the sometimes questionable medication and treatments, associated with it, have contributed to the fact that many people have died prematurely. (8), (9), (10)


It is also an important fact that people with the hereditary disorder of favism (up to 20 percent of the population in warmer countries) can experience fatal side effects of a pulmonary nature when taking the HCQ malaria drug! The Bayer Group has distributed HCQ millions of times free of charge to different countries (“against Corona”), with correspondingly sad consequences. This lack of knowledge of the devastating side effects of HCQ has strongly increased the death toll in Brazil, Italy, and other southern countries, and our media have taken it up and fueled fear of Covid-19. (5), (6)


Additionally, one could have never have proclaimed a pandemic as currently is being done, before 2009. This was only possible by changing the definition of a pandemic! (7)


In view of the foregoing facts, which are available to everyone, but which most people probably do not understand, or ignore or laugh at, it is slowly becoming clear why the world is the way it is ...


Corona is the largest pseudo-epidemic in human history and probably the most significant intelligence test that humankind is facing.


Written by Stefan Wolf (L.O.V.E. Productions)


PS: Another view of biology, in which there is no good-evil dualism and no fear, does exist. With this new knowledge, it is possible to understand diseases differently and to overcome the destructive reductionism that has burned itself into our perspective and way of life for centuries. An introduction to this new, liberating knowledge system can be found on


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