Myth B12 - How an alleged lack of bacterial feces scares many people - A new perspective


Vitamin B12, is a topic almost everyone is confronted with these days - whether omnivore, vegetarian or vegan. Almost everyone, it seems, is threatened by a B12 deficiency. The consequences of a vitamin B12 deficiency are said to be devastating, sometimes irreversible. Hearing about such things, many feel compelled to take expensive B12 tests and invest their money in injections or supplements, or even eat offal from animals. In this article, I do NOT want to take a closer look at this vitamin (which is basically nothing more than the feces produced by bacteria), because more than enough has already been written about it. Instead, I would like to give my personal, refreshing take on this subject.

It is astonishing that all the sources of information on this subject, whether alternative or conservative, assume that B12 should be taken from food. That is, they are all within the same B12 paradigm without ever questioning this basic assumption. This article is different. It fundamentally questions the B12 paradigm and will hopefully lead many readers to think outside the box.


No scientific consensus on vitamin B12

First of all, please note that the whole issue of B12 consists of many controversial hypotheses (there is NO medical consensus on B12) on the one hand, and a lucrative industry that profits from scaremongering on the other. Those who believe in a vitamin B12 deficiency and scare people with it may mean well, but just because one means something well, does not mean it is true.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is associated with many scary diseases and symptoms that, if I were to list them all here, it would make a very long list. The "diseases" assigned range from fatigue and diarrhea, to anemia, dementia and psychoses. However, all symptoms or "diseases" attributed to a vitamin B12 deficiency, have already been explained and understood for over 40 years by Dr. Hamer´s 5 biological laws of nature in the Germanische Heilkunde, both causally and progressively. Vitamin B12 "deficiency" in reality has most likely nothing to do with the cause of the diseases attributed to it. Moreover, many of the symptoms attributed to B12 could equally be caused by an unnatural lifestyle, such as stress, worry, an unbalanced diet, negative thinking, too little sleep, electrosmog, lack of true purpose, exposure to exhaust fumes and chemicals, and the like.

Most vegans, including the VGÖ and the Vegan Society, believe in the myth of B12 and that a "deficiency" of this bacterial excrement would lead to irreversible damage to the body. The reasons for this belief are manifold, they lie on the one hand in a lack of understanding of our body, especially in medicine, especially the ignorance of the true causes of so-called diseases (which are in fact significant biological special programs of nature), and on the other hand in an excessive focus and doggedness on tiny details, so that the whole, the larger context, is no longer understood or misinterpreted.


Numerous opposing hypotheses

I emphasize here again that there is NO medical consensus on vitamin B12! So the issue of B12 is not as clear cut as many experts, medical professionals or nutritionists claim. Even among experts there is disagreement. There are many conflicting hypotheses and studies floating around and one can no longer speak of real science.

It is clear that vitamin B12 (cobalamin) plays a decisive role in metabolism. It is involved in blood formation, cell growth and cell division, the formation of DNA and RNA, the formation of the sheath of nerve fibres, and the breakdown or conversion of the dangerous amino acid homocysteine. It is also clear that vitamin B12 is produced by the body's own bacteria. These are located from our oral cavity down to our intestines. (1)


A mistake by Mother Nature?

Herbivores are thought to meet the majority of their B12 needs through a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms in their gut flora. Humans also have microorganisms in their intestines that produce vitamin B12. It is claimed that synthesis occurs mainly in the large intestine, while absorption can only occur in the terminal ileum, i.e. just before the large intestine. Therefore, vitamin B12 produced in the human colon would be excreted unused. (4)

A relatively large amount of vitamin B12 is found in human feces. How nonsensical that people are diagnosed with a B12 deficiency on the one hand, while excreting vast amounts of vitamin B12 on a daily basis. Did Mother Nature really make such a blatant mistake that affects all of humanity? Hardly. It is much more obvious that once again man has made a mistake with wrong views and interpretations.


Every single second, our body produces 5 million (!) new cells. And it consists of several trillions of cells and of an unimaginably large number of atoms. And of all things such an intelligence which is able to coordinate these millions and millions, yes trillions of cells should not be able to take up bacterial excrement albeit needed so urgently and is available from the pharynx to the intestine in large quantity!

This is simply illogical. It is much more logical that our body determines its own B12 level (according to the biologically significant special program that it is going through) and that it is a pure hypothesis that there is such a thing as a vitamin B12 deficiency at all.

And in fact it was demonstrated in the 1980s that also in the human small intestine (!) bacteria live, which produce vitamin B12. (9,10) Consequently, this can also be absorbed by the body in the terminal ileum below. Surprisingly, this area has hardly been researched since then and there are still no studies on how high the contribution of those bacteria to the B12 supply of the body can be.

That the B12 production of our body has been so poorly researched is probably partly due to the fact that the whole issue of vitamin B12 has become a really good business for laboratories (tests), doctors (injections) and food supplement manufacturers (supplements and preparations). Yes, for years now there have even been so-called "shot nurses" who offer to come to your home every two weeks to inject you with a B12 syringe! Every 5th injection is supposed to be free of charge! (2)

All the more it is to be assumed that the vitamin B12 hypothesis will hold on even longer, particularly since certain interest groups draw their (financial) advantages from it. In addition, the meat industry uses a main argument against vegan nutrition or a main argument for the consumption of meat products, especially the offal of animals. Ironically, however, it is meat eaters who are most often diagnosed with "vitamin B12 deficiency". (8)

Dr. Joachim Mutter has even found "vitamin B12 deficiency" in all of his Instincto patients, people who regularly ate raw meat, fish, and even up to 1 kg of raw liver weekly! (8) He explains this, among other things, by a lack of absorption, but mainly by the fact that meat eaters have a much higher vitamin B12 consumption than plant eaters, because meat and animal products contain much more methionine than plants. Work has shown that methionine leads to increased homocysteine, increased oxidative stress, and premature aging. High methionine intake would definitely require more vitamin B12. (8) So the cat bites its own tail.


Is God love or not?

We have been taught that man is an omnivore, but anatomically and physiologically, man bears the closest resemblance to herbivores, or more precisely, frugivores. (3) Probably interesting, not only for believing Christians, that even the Bible speaks of this in the first book:

And God said further, "Here I have given you every seed-bearing plant that there is on the surface of the whole earth, and every tree on which there is seed-bearing tree fruit. Serve it as food for you. And to every wild animal of the earth and to every flying creature of the heavens and to everything that stirs on the earth, in which there is life as a soul, I have given all green plants for food. And so it became." (Genesis 1:29)

Every person who believes in a loving God should be able to logically understand that if man really had to take in B12 through food, the Creator would have integrated it everywhere in the fruits, grasses, vegetables, nuts, etc. in overwhelmingly sufficient quantities. But no, the bacterial excrement cobalamin is found in high concentrations in, of all things, animal products such as liver (which, by the way, is highly toxic and is the collection point for toxins in the body) and other offal. In other words, in products that are deeply repugnant to our innermost being as humans. There's something fishy about that. It almost smells like a conspiracy, brought on by anti-reason.

B12, it seems, has become the ultimate scapegoat for many. Finally, you have something to project your little problems onto. Depression is now attributed to a B12 deficiency, rather than a lack of perspective in life, or certain (biological-emotional) conflicts one has experienced. Fatigue is now attributed to a B12 deficiency, rather than a lack of quality sleep, or a healing phase we are in, especially healing from self-esteem conflicts. Dementia is now attributed to a B12 deficiency, instead of the chronic-active or recurrent separation conflicts (according to the 5 biological laws of nature of Dr. Hamer).... And so on and so forth...


Nature is perfect and does not make mistakes?

The fact is: Vitamin B12 is produced by the body's own bacteria. These are located from our oral cavity down to our intestines. For a long time, it was thought that human gut bacteria do not contribute equally to vitamin B12 supply because B12 production occurs primarily in the colon, where vitamin B12 can no longer be absorbed. But could it be otherwise?

In my opinion, cobalamin is most likely absorbed in precisely the amount that the body wants. Whether a deficiency is present cannot be logically determined at all, since this is purely a matter of interpretation. Our body is too complex to explain certain symptoms simply by the absence or presence of a "sufficient amount" of the bacterial excrement B12, or a certain coenzyme! That there is a so-called "vitamin B12 deficiency" is therefore rather a theory or pure interpretation of not understood connections.

That a "vitamin B12 deficiency" is the cause of anemia and other nerve diseases is also an interpretation of observations and is an unprovable assumption. According to observations, there are also such things as "metastases", which in reality are not a spread of cancer (this is just an interpretation, based on the corresponding orthodox medical worldview). In reality, metastases are the formation of new cancers, which are called into existence by new unexpected conflicts. (5) The 5 biological laws of nature according to the Germanische Heilkunde make clear that our body at any time precisely determines how much of which bacteria, fungi and other substances it produces (provided we do not disturb it in this process, e.g. by antibiotics or toxic substances).


Vitamin B12 injections and the dilemma of the B12 believers

With B12 injections it is possible to increase the B12 level, because they bring a completely unnatural, extremely high dose of B12 into the body. This is then of course measurable in the blood and it seems that now everything is back to normal. But does this make sense? Aside from a lighter wallet, the only good thing about the injection is probably the placebo effect, which could possibly have a curative effect. Injections have always had a strong placebo effect due to their unpleasant appearance. (6)

Of course, it is also questionable how these injections and various supplements are produced. For example, fortification with vitamin B12 is only found in conventional products, but usually not in organic products because genetically modified microorganisms are almost always used in the production of vitamin B12. These are therefore not permitted for organic products. (7)

The dilemma of the B12 believers is that they cannot even determine with certainty whether they have a so-called B12 deficiency or not. A B12 serum blood test says absolutely nothing about the true B12 level of a person, because on the one hand it measures B12 analogues and on the other hand it says nothing about the B12 storage in the liver (B12 is only stored in the liver). Also the other existing tests (homocysteine, etc.) always give only indirect information about an existing "deficiency". And for those who believe that animal products can help against a B12 deficiency, let me remind you that the methionine in animal products simultaneously increases the body´s drainage of B12.


What is the solution?

Learning to understand our body and finally living free of fear, by studying the 5 biological laws of nature of the Germanische Heilkunde. These natural laws explain, for example, how those bodily conditions arise that are still called diseases by the majority of people. They precisely describe all physical as well as psychological behaviors causally, describe their course and explain their biological purpose.

If one believes in an illusion or untruth, it still remains a lie, even if it seems to be true. It would be best to let go of the false belief and recognize the following:

There can be no such thing as a vitamin B12 deficiency in reality, unless one were to destroy countless B12-producing bacteria in one's own body through antibiotics or other toxins. Apart from that, a B12 deficiency exists only in theory, i.e. in the minds or interpretations of many people.

Why do I claim this? Because I can think logically, nature is perfect, I have understood the 5 biological laws of nature and have been able to check and verify them on my own body (and several other bodies) for over 15 years. In addition, I have intensively studied the B12 topic (including its numerous contradictions) and came to the logical conclusion that our body itself determines how much bacterial excrement aka vitamin B12 it needs to produce and absorb at what time, namely exactly as much as is required at a given time. The body does not care whether researchers believe that it has "too much or too little vitamin B12", the body does what is right for it, according to the life circumstances and "conflict programs" that it goes through at the respective stages.


14 years vegan, without supplements

By the way, I have been living a vegan life since January 2009, at times raw vegan, and I am doing great! I have never taken supplements, I eat mainly organic food and only very rarely consume products that could be enriched with B12. At the same time, I have not been to a doctor (except the dentist) for many years. The few times where I became sick I usually found out the cause and I have always been able to solve it myself!


I myself will of course not have a B12 test done, for what? Whatever numbers this test would give me would have ZERO significance for me. Whether I would be according to the reference value in the "normal" or "abnormal" range, would play absolutely no role for me. It is enough for me as a confirmation of my health that I feel happy, healthy and fit. And if I should ever be "sick", then I do not look for the cause in a "B12 deficiency", but look, according to the 5 biological laws of nature, which conflicts I have had and, if not already done, work on their permanent resolution, so that sustainable healing can take place.


My wife has also been practicing a full vegan lifestyle for almost 14 years now, also without ever having supplemented anything. She too enjoys a healthy body without any B12 deficiency symptoms. So how long do we have to live healthy lives without nerve damage, dementia, etc. to throw the B12 theory out the window or disprove it?

Basically, we have already disproved the B12 myth in our lives. Why? As we know, we have taken in almost no vitamin B12 through our vegan diet without supplements. Even if we assume for both of us that we started our vegan life with a full liver store of between 2000 and 5000 micrograms, our B12 reserves should have been completely depleted or used up years ago. This is mainly because we were exposed to a lot of stress in the last 14 years, due to countless trips we had to make, sometimes for months at a time, and we were both anything but travel enthusiasts, and various challenges we had to face. And according to B12 doctrine, stress leads to a greatly increased draining of B12.


So we should have fallen ill with severe, irreversible symptoms years ago due to a "deficiency". But we are still alive, and better than ever before! :) If we ever had any symptoms or so-called diseases in the last 14 years, we didn't project that onto a B12 deficiency, but identified and resolved the true cause (based on the 5 biological laws of nature) and poof!, healing ensued and we said goodbye to the symptom or disease.

Find out for yourselves. The general doctrine of today is in reality a faith, where the knowledge of TODAY is the error of TOMORROW.


This search for details and the urge to want to "take apart and analyze everything" brings the human being far away from the truth. He loses the view of the essential and the whole.

At some point you will look back at the vitamin B12 story and think to yourself: My God, how could we humans invent such crazy theses and spread so much fear and terror? Nature is so much more perfect than we thought. We only need to love and live happily in harmony with nature and many things will take care of themselves.

In my experience, fear is a very bad advisor!

Therefore, I wish you a calm mind that steadfastly defies the phenomenon of fear-mongering and is rooted in reason, peace, trust, love and security!

Life is GOOD! If we finally stop making it bad and let it be GOOD!

I hope I have shown you new perspectives with this text.


Stefan Wolf, April 2023

PS: After reading this article, if you are still firmly convinced that a so-called vitamin B12 deficiency really exists, with all the symptoms attributed to it, and you think you could be affected by it. I can understand your scepticism, especially in view of the fact that you do not yet know or have not yet understood the 5 biological laws of nature of Dr.Hamer. Therefore, I will briefly explain to you here what you should and can reasonably take from an alternative-conventional point of view in order to remedy or prevent an alleged B12 deficiency.

Eat homegrown sprouts and shoots, yeast flakes, seaweed, fermented vegetables and sauerkraut, and mushrooms (chanterelle and shitake). Possibly consume chlorella (freshwater algae) which, if from good sources, has the highest bioavailable B12 content of any food (100 micrograms per 100 g). Drink wheatgrass juice. If you like or want to play it safe, you can just take a quality vegan B12 supplement instead.

Why I definitely advise against consuming animal products such as eggs, liver or meat and why their consumption is pointless to increase your B12 level?

Vitamin B12 is extremely sensitive to heat, which means that you would have to consume these animal products in their raw state in order to get any bioavailable B12 from them at all. However, with this comes the risk of ingesting putrefactive bacteria, e-coli, and unwanted parasites that are found in raw meat in particular, as well as numerous other harmful substances such as cholesterol, stress hormones, etc.

Also, from an ethical point of view, animal products are a great dilemma and it would be better to avoid them altogether. Likewise, we know about the methionine in meat and animal products, which contributes to increased B12 draining. That is, even if one were to achieve a higher B12 level in the short term through animal products, this level would be depleted after a short time, as methionine leads to the body's increased vitamin B12 draining (increased homocysteine levels). (8)

In addition, it is important to note that 98% of the B12 supplements produced by the pharmaceutical industry are fed to farmed animals because these animals would otherwise be deficient in vitamin B12! So the vast majority of people take B12 indirectly anyway, through these supplements given to animals. Doesn't it make much more sense to take a B12 supplement directly instead of getting it indirectly from a farmed animal that only got the B12 through supplements?

Regardless of what you believe, I urge you to study the Germanische Heilkunde 5 biological laws of nature. It won't cost you a dime and it can permanently change your life for the better for you and your loved ones.



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This article was kindly edited by my friend Julia Hoskinson and is also available in German Language.