5 explosive facts vaccination advocates should know about

1.) In Japan, up to now (as of May 24th, 2021) only 2% (!) of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The main reason for that is the deep-seated vaccination skepticism due to undesirable side effects in the past.


2.) Over 60 studies confirm: Unvaccinated children are significantly healthier than vaccinated children. The organization "Childrens Health Defense" has summarized these 60 studies here.


3.) In the manufacture of vaccines one depends on the help of fetal serums. In order to meet the steadily increasing demand for fetal serum, 2 million pregnant cows are opened without anesthetics every year, the non-anesthetized fetus is opened and its fetal blood is drawn from the beating heart. Besides fetal sera from cattle, mainly kidney tissue from monkeys or tissue from other animals is used for the production of mass vaccines. For more details see the interview with Dr. Lanka in July 2020.


4.) Seychelles has the highest Covid-vaccination rate in the world. Around 70% of the population is vaccinated, but their Covid rates are going through the roof. BBC writes: "A third of the active cases involved people who had had two vaccine doses, the country's news agency said. The rest had either had a single dose or were unvaccinated."
The reality of many countries shows that high vaccination rates do not contribute anything helpful to prevent high Covid rates (see below). However the chance of getting severe side-effects or even a permanent damage by vaccines is significant.



5.) The number of (Corona)-deaths correlates alarmingly with the number of corona vaccinations. You can almost see how a wave of increased mortality occurs parallel to the wave of vaccinations.


Below are three graphics about India from "Our World in Data". They were juxtaposed by the Spanish freethinker channel "El Libre Pensador". The first graph shows the number of people who received a corona vaccine. The second graph shows the number of Covid cases and the third graph shows the number of Covid deaths. The COVID-19 Data Explorer allows you to see statistics from India and other countries.


If you think that this is just a coincidence, I can point out that in Great Britain, Israel, Hungary, Chile, Portugal, Gibraltar and other countries where vaccinations were introduced faster or earlier than in comparable countries, parallel excess mortality occurred at the time of the wave of vaccinations.


The good news is that there is a whole new perspective on disease and health. One, that does not require any vaccinations to be healthy. We recommend you to watch the introductory video series on the New Medicine’s 5 Natural Laws of Biology to start a deep journey into understanding diseases on a whole new level. For the benefit of all life.


Written by Stefan Wolf and L.O.V.E. Productions


Update (15th of May, 2021)

Thanks for the great interest in this post. This article is also available in German/Spanish and has been read many times, e.g. on one Telegram channel it has already over 110.000 views. In our text we have listed 5 facts that everyone can check and verify for themselves. Even if the mainstream advocates vaccinations in large parts of the western world, we see that there are also countries where the mainstream narrative is very different. Countries such as Japan, Belarus, Tanzania, and many more, sometimes have Covid vaccination rates of less than 1 percent and do have no intention of achieving a high vaccination rate.

The New York Times recently headlined that "Experts now believe it is very unlikely to ever achieve herd immunity." They mention the following reasons for that: "numerous new coronavirus variants and a high level of skepticism about vaccinations". At the same time, that article concludes that there can be a "return to normal" even with low vaccination rates. Vaccinating only the "most vulnerable" could be enough to return to normal. This is a complete change in the narrative.

One can already see that many vaccination campaigns are starting to come to nothing, less and less people are vaccinated every day in the USA ... and other countries are following suit. As a result, these experts seem to be forced to adapt the narrative (as seen in the New Your Times article) to avoid getting stuck in the sand.


Now we can still hope that as many people as possible will make the right decision for their health and not take part in this experiment, or at least wait until the test phase for these vaccines has been completed. That will be the case in about 4 years. The approval of all current C-vaccines in the EU has been checked by the EU itself and declared as an emergency approval or conditional approval. You only do that with vaccines for which the first test phase of 5 years has not yet been completed. We therefore recommend waiting for the end of the test phase ... We hope that we have been able to stimulate thought and reflection and wish all readers the best of health!